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Project Management


Your builder will follow the plans your architect provides, but who is there to make sure the view you fell in love with is framed perfectly by the windows? Who has the eye to point out that slightly moving a doorway could make a room go from so-so to fantastic?


This house may be one of your largest investments, that’s why I will be onsite during the planning and construction stages to ensure that the house of your dreams becomes your reality. 


















Fixtures and Finishes


You’ll need to make countless decisions while your home is being built—siding, windows, flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting, stone, paint and stain. Your builder will expect those decisions to be made quickly so the construction proceeds on schedule.


I will do the legwork for you. Keeping your tastes and style in mind, I can narrow down the choices to save you time. 














Decorating and Moving In


My decorating philosophy is that any style can be matched to any budget. I will work with you to choose tasteful, attractive furnishings that make your home uniquely yours.


I can assist with choosing the finishing touches from furniture, window coverings and decordown to the soaps in the bathroomso your house is turn-key ready for your first night there. 

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